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5+ Excellent Free PPT Creator Apps

5+ Excellent Free PPT Creator Apps - The progression of the times in today's era requires us to continue to grow every day. Presentation is an activity that requires us to explain material to the audience. This presentation certainly needs to be well prepared to attract the audience's interest.

So far, maybe we only know how to make presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint software and work on laptops or computers. However, it is now possible to do so not only on a laptop or computer but also on a mobile phone.

Making a presentation with a cell phone is almost the same as using a laptop or computer; it's just that the software is different and the display is smaller. Actually, there are many applications for making PowerPoint presentations on cellphones that you can use.

But in this article, there are 5 applications for making PPT on mobile; the following will produce the best work and tend to be easier for you to use. See the contents of this article until the end to find out what applications are used to create PowerPoint on cellphones.

App for Making Mobile Presentations for Free

This presentation application is very important because many people will need to make attractive presentation slides that will be needed during the event. Making presentations will be easier if you make them with software that is intended for presentations.

You can use the application for making PPT on your cellphone to present a product, coursework material, or hold webinars to speak in public because it is most likely to accompany a homemade presentation.

The PowerPoint application is typically found on a laptop or computer and is included as standard software from Microsoft along with other applications.Even so, if you don't have a laptop or computer, you can still use the application on your cellphone.

Thus, to prepare for an event, you can make a PPT anywhere without being constrained by devices. For complete information about the PPT Maker application on mobile, see more below.

5+ Application Recommendations for Making PPT on Mobile

The following 5 applications for making PPT on mobile will be useful as the latest online presentation tools that go beyond the classic slideshow experience and have new features to keep your audience's attention. where the five applications below will make it easier for you to make PPT via cellphone. The applications include:

1. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is the first of five applications for creating PowerPoint presentations on smartphones. This is a PowerPoint-making application for mobile that allows you to create and edit presentations. This one works well for making a number of edits while traveling to an already-made presentation.

Before you can use it right away, you need to download the app to your phone or tablet to create full presentations right from your mobile device.

2. Keynotes

Furthermore, on other cellphones, there is Keynote, which is a PPT maker application with mobile and desktop versions.This app is exclusively available for iOS smartphones, computers, and tablets, as it is Apple's version of the PowerPoint app. You can create presentations right on your mobile device and have them ready to render on your computer, which you might find useful.

3. Google Slides

In third place among the five applications for making PPTs on the next cellphone is Google Slides. This application is a cloud-based PowerPoint clone that has been growing rapidly. Meanwhile, Google Slides has come a long way and provides sufficient options to create engaging presentations. With an application called Google Slides for Android, users can edit, present, and edit from an Android device.

4. WPS Office

There is also the WPS Office application, which is the oldest presentation-making software for Android and one of the best free applications. With the WPS Office application, you can create, view, and edit Office files, including presentations with support for PowerPoint files.

Apart from that, WPS Office also provides a number of other practical functions, such as mobile mode, wireless printing for PDF and Office files, and many more.


Showpad is the final of the five cellphone PPT applications. This one application provides a platform that can make it easier for you to make professional presenters stand out from the others. Showpad is one such application that allows users to create powerful presentations faster.

There are tons of files you can create, from PPT, PDF, and Word documents to relevant videos and images.


These are 5+ applications for making PPT on cellphones that you can use to create presentations quickly.With this application, users don't need to have laptops or computers to make PPT.

Thus the article about the 5+ Best Free PPT Maker Applications on Mobile. Hopefully this article can add new insights and provide useful information for those of you who read it. Thank you for reading this article to the end.

Sorry if there are mistakes in words or sentences in the writing of this article. Don't forget to recommend and share this content with your colleagues so they can benefit as well.If you have questions about the discussion of this article, please ask in the comments column below.

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